A survey conducted by Sermo and LiveWorld found that social media can have a significant impact on physicians' perceptions of medications, with more than half of the surveyed doctors stating that they often change their initial perception due to social media. Doximity, a professional networking platform specifically designed for HCPs, provides a secure and private environment for healthcare professionals to connect, collaborate, and share medical knowledge. While Doximity primarily serves as a professional network, it also offers targeted advertising opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.

PERxCEPT is an omnichannel tracking tool that captures visits to Doximity from its panel of oncologists. By tracking and analyzing the activity of oncologists on Doximity, PERxCEPT provides valuable insights to pharmaceutical companies on how oncologists are engaging with their marketing efforts on Doximity, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

  1. Leverage sponsored content to increase engagement: 1 in 7 posts viewed by Oncologists are sponsored, providing pharmaceutical marketers with a valuable opportunity to leverage sponsored content to reach and engage with oncologists effectively. 64% of the posts viewed by oncologists on Doximity were related to oncology and 25% of these are sponsored, demonstrating the importance of providing content that aligns with their professional interests. Pharmaceutical manufacturers should focus on creating valuable, informative, and engaging content that addresses the specific needs and challenges of oncologists.

2. Collaborate with community organizations like support groups: Of the accounts that made sponsored posts on Doximity, 58% of them belonged to pharmaceutical manufacturers, 24% belonged to pharmaceutical brands, and the remaining 18% belonged to other organizations such as support groups and hospitals. Pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider exploring potential collaborations with these entities to expand their reach, strengthen their brand image, and establish valuable partnerships in reaching oncologists on Doximity.

3. Oncology is a very crowded market with NSCLC being the top advertised TA: Further analysis revealed that the top three therapeutic areas for which oncologists viewed sponsored posts on Doximity were Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (15%), Multiple Myeloma (13%), and Breast Cancer (12%). These are three of the largest therapeutic areas within the oncology space, with multiple brands approved to treat each of them. Opdivo was the top brand accounting for almost 10% of all branded sponsored posts, followed by Verzenio and Opdualag.

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