The ASCO 2024 Annual Meeting, held from May 31st to June 4th, centred on the theme "The Art and Science of Cancer Care: From Comfort to Cure. This post elaborates on the online behaviour of oncologists around the time of the conference with the data gathered from ZoomRx’s Digital Tracker, an omnichannel tool that monitors the online activity of healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Surge in Engagement: ASCO 2024 Drives a 91% Increase in Website Traffic Among Oncologists

Among a panel of 100 oncologists, the ASCO 2024 conference witnessed a surge in interest, as evidenced by the significant increase in visits to its website. Compared to the average visits over the last three months, May alone witnessed a 91% increase in website traffic. This surge continued a trend observed in 2023, where visits saw a 72% spike. Moreover, the conference week observed the pinnacle of activity, running from May 31st to June 4th.

During the ASCO Conference 2024, the oncologists significantly increased their engagement on ASCO websites, including and , with time spent rising from 3-5% in early May to 40% during the conference week.

While 74% of the visits to ASCO Conference sites were organic traffic, 22% visits were from paid campaigns

Analysis of traffic to the ASCO 2024 conference websites showed 74% of visits were sourced from unprompted organic traffic-visits initiated by users without being redirected from other paid sources-indicating high organic user engagement. Paid campaigns (targeted advertising) accounted for 22% of the visits (, while email campaigns and organic searches contributed 2% and 1% of the visits, respectively.

Oncology Brands Drive Engagement and Showcase Innovation through ASCO

Leading oncology brands, including AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Merck, Novartis, Gilead, Sanofi, Genentech, Pfizer, Takeda, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amgen, Janssen, Roche, Lilly, and Exelixis, showcased their research at the ASCO 2024 conference. Their presented abstracts advanced cancer treatment through cutting-edge scientific discoveries and clinical trial results, significantly enhancing the conference's impact.

AbbVie’s abstract focused on the advances in immuno-oncology and targeted therapies for solid tumors and hematologic cancers. Amgen presented an abstract on Bispecific T cell engagers (BiTEs) for hematologic cancers, along with targeted therapies and innovative oncology research, while Merck presented a detailed abstract focusing on their latest advancements in oncology, including innovative immunotherapy approaches, novel targeted therapies, and cutting-edge research in the treatment of various solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. Merck also presented Keytruda’s updated and long term follow-up data as it approaches its 10th year of FDA approval.

In response, manufacturers including AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Merck, Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), and Eli Lilly experienced notable spikes in website traffic during the conference month when compared to the last three months. This surge underscored the impact of their contributions to the conference and the keen interest of the oncology community in their advancements and clinical findings.

The ASCO 2024 conference not only highlighted significant advancements in cancer care but also demonstrated remarkable online engagement from the oncology community.The high percentage of unprompted searches highlighted the organic interest in the conference, while the effective use of paid campaigns further amplified its reach. Oncology brands leveraged this platform to showcase their innovations, resulting in increased web traffic and brand visibility.

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