At ZoomRx we have various impactful products (Ferma.AI, PERxCEPT, & HCP-PT). This newsletter will focus on our PERxCEPT product to give you some insight into the exciting developments at ZoomRx.

PERxCEPT(Digital Tracker) is a one-stop shop for omnichannel intelligence in the life sciences industry, providing visibility into every digital campaign in a market from the customer’s point of view.

PERxCEPT(Digital Tracker) goes deep via Web Browser Extensions (Nielsen Box model)

  • Participants install a browser plug-in on their Desktops and Mobile Devices
  • It helps you see everything healthcare-related your customer sees
  • Fully opt-in; compensated
  • Participants targeted as per requirements

Supplemented by profile-driven web-scraping

Google-like crawling of the life sciences collects every campaign across every brand in your TA to ensure the comprehensiveness of coverage.

We are excited to share how PERxCEPT(Digital Tracker) is revolutionizing omnichannel intelligence in the life sciences industry, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the latest developments at ZoomRx.

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