Patients speak for only 92 seconds during the typical specialist visit

Themes of patient centricity, valuing the patient voice, and making patients partners have received a great amount of recent attention across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Many recent whitepapers, conferences, and discussions have focused on these topics, and the theme of ASCO’s 2023 Annual Meeting was “Partnering With Patients: The Cornerstone of Cancer Care and Research.”

While patient centricity can provide benefits across many facets of drug development and patient care, the place where patients can have the largest impact on their own health is often in the doctor’s office, conversing with their treating physician. To assess the impact of the healthcare industry’s focus on patient centricity on actual treatment practices, ZoomRx has recorded and analyzed over 500 real-world treatment conversations between HCPs and patients, across 10 therapeutic areas (TAs).

This analysis reveals that the healthcare industry is still far away from making patient centricity a reality. Tellingly, the patient voice is heard for only 92 seconds in the average real-world specialist visit.

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