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Today, we're diving into the saga that gripped the AI world – the tumultuous week at OpenAI and its broader implications for the industry. Grab your coffee, and let's unravel this tech drama.

🔄 A Quick Recap: The OpenAI Rollercoaster

What a whirlwind week at OpenAI. To recap, here is a quick timeline of events:

  • Friday, Nov 17: CEO Sam Altman was abruptly fired because he had not been “consistently candid in his communications” with the board of directors
  • Sunday, Nov 19: Amid widespread dismay among staff and investors, Altman and a group of allies held negotiations over his possible return, but eventually a new permanent chief executive, Emmett Shear, was appointed
  • Monday, Nov 20: Altman was hired to run a new AI unit at Microsoft. Meanwhile, OpenAI staff wrote a letter to their board saying that they would quit and join Altman at Microsoft unless he was reinstated; ultimately, about 750 of 770 OpenAI staff signed
  • Wednesday, Nov 22: Altman was back at the helm and his opponents on the board were replaced

📜 Three Lessons from the OpenAI Drama

1) The Delicate Balance of Corporate Governance

OpenAI's unique governance structure, a hybrid of capped-profit and non-profit models, created constant tension and internal discourse, with some members seemingly willing to sack the corporate entity for the sake of their ‘responsible AI’ mission. While the exact future of the company remains to be seen, the lesson here is clear: innovating a product is much easier than innovating a corporate structure.

2) Social Media’s Amplifying Effect

Reminiscent of the Silicon Valley Bank situation, where social media accelerated the bank run and the speed of events, here it seemed to expedite the resolution and add fuel to the fire. X (previously known as Twitter) became the tech community's group chat, updating the public with breaking news and developments. The platform also served as an avenue for Sam Altman’s supporters to push their narrative forward. In all, it was another reminder of how social media can dramatically speed up corporate developments.

3) The Importance of Narrative

The OpenAI board appears to have correctly anticipated that Altman would muster enormous resources to prevent his removal from the company. Once the board determined that it had a majority of members willing to fire Altman, it sought to move before he got wind of the decision.

But in the board’s haste to terminate Altman, it failed to account for everything that would follow - starting with employees’ utter incredulity at what was happening, to addressing the cryptic explanations used to support their decision. Moving quickly may have meant that the board was able to fire Altman before he could stop it, but it also paved the path for his return. 

💭 Closing Thoughts

What transpired at OpenAI was the culmination of two competing forces in the AI world: speed vs caution, and which should be the driving development principle.

Speed seems to have won this first round, but did it deliver a knockout blow?

🎭 P.S.

Amidst the seriousness, there's always room for a chuckle.

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