To date, it has been difficult to put into perspective the full breadth of digital promotion healthcare practitioners (HCPs) receive on a regular basis. As digital promotion has continued to scale in recent years, life sciences brands find themselves increasingly competing for a finite amount of customers’ digital attention. Digital Tracker (PERxCEPT), a next-generation omnichannel intelligence tool, demonstrates surprising new insights about this level of fragmentation and saturation within the digital marketplace.

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Striking facts about biopharma ads

With so many brands competing for limited HCP attention, spending more on digital content no longer directly translates into a competitive advantage. To win in today’s digital marketplace, omnichannel marketers need to spend smarter. Spending smarter requires real-time intelligence on the digital activity of both your customers and your competitor brands, enabling a comprehensive map of the digital landscape.

Digital Tracker (PERxCEPT) is designed specifically to enable life sciences brands to identify and exploit opportunities within their digital marketplace. To learn more about how PERxCEPT enables smarter omnichannel decisions, please click HERE.

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