Kinga Zapert is a Principal based out of our New York office. Her depth of experience and willingness to mentor more junior members of the team makes her a leader on our growing consulting team.

What’s your role at ZoomRx?

As a Principal within our Business Analysis team, my primary role is building our client partnerships by providing valuable and timely insights about their customers.  I help our clients to drive meaningful changes in the way they engage with patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals. I work with our team internally to ensure that we have the right research solutions to uncover and present these insights in a way that is impactful, immediately applicable, and timely.

Another critical aspect of my role is mentoring my colleagues across the ZoomRx Business Analysis teams.  I strongly believe in investing time and energy to create close relationships and providing each team member with the resources and knowledge to contribute to the ultimate client deliverable.  I work with internal stakeholders to ensure that we prioritize learning and growth opportunities for our team.

What advice would you give others looking to pursue a career in healthcare consulting?

Beyond mastering research skills, I cannot overemphasize the need for growing your knowledge of the pharmaceutical clients’ business landscape. Seeking opportunities to immerse yourself in the client’s world — speaking with them, visiting onsite, learning what challenges they face and what makes their lives easier — will make you a stronger partner. Developing select areas of therapeutic expertise is another priority I encourage. Building business and therapeutic expertise will lead to more meaningful conversations with your clients and ultimately make you a better strategic partner.

How do you think ZoomRx is different from other companies doing similar work?

Our emphasis on bringing individuals with life sciences backgrounds into our team gives us depth and ensures discipline in our research. Combined with powerful in-house technology, data science and a panel of healthcare professionals, this leads to being more scalable and enabling us to deliver better and faster results.

What was your background before joining ZoomRx?

My background is in clinical psychology with a strong foundation in statistics and methodology of research. Having a solid analytic and methodological foundation was very helpful throughout my career and gave me the confidence to take a stand and serve as a consultant and expert to our clients. However, given my focus on life sciences (and no scientific background), I had to make up a lot of ground to build my knowledge of relevant clinical categories. I’ve made it a point to regularly attend key clinical conferences and seminars directed at medical audiences to immerse myself and stay up to date on clinical developments.

What’s your favorite part about working at ZoomRx?

ZoomRxers embrace the “Solve for ZoomRx” attitude. This has been a constant in my daily experience with my colleagues throughout the company. People are not afraid of challenges that the work brings — they are always willing to take on a technical, logistical, or an intellectual problem and find solutions. They take pride in being able to identify and often create new solutions to complex problems. Having my colleagues’ resourcefulness and unfazed attitude makes me look forward to connecting with my teams every day.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spending time with my kids and husband is always a priority, with weekends and vacations being mostly dedicated to family activities. I also enjoy long-distance running, biking, hiking, and generally spending time outdoors.

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