The holidays are here. One thing we can all feel during this season is gratitude and we have a lot to be joyful for here at ZoomRx!
As we continue our mission to improve global health and build a strong work culture, we reflect on 2023 and celebrate...

  1. 200+ Indications Worked In
  2. 150+ Projects Completed
  3. 154+ Published ZoomRx Articles
  4. 96 ZoomRx Promotions
  5. 40+ Therapeutic Areas
  6. 43 New ZoomRx Team Members
  7. 22 Extraordinary ZoomRx Award Winners
  8. 16 patients funded through ZoomRx’s Watsi program
  9. 1 HUGE thanks to our ZoomRxers!

We look forward to their continued contributions and potentially YOUR contributions in 2024.

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