How custom sales force effectiveness assisted in measuring multi-indication interactions


A top 10 pharma company faced challenges in tracking the effectiveness of their salesforce in the highly competitive field of immunology. With products approved for multiple indications, the company required measurement of personal and non-personal promotional activity, time spent on indications, and their message and rep effectiveness across indications for multiple HCP specialties against varied competitive landscapes.


ZoomRx deployed a PET framework to track multi-indication promotional activity for assessing the effectiveness of the client's promotional impact across approved indications. The customized framework helped the client gain a comprehensive understanding of the present reach of their personal and non-personal promotions and identified areas that required attention.

Key Aspects of the Solution:

  1. Unified Promotional Activity Tracking: ZoomRx's unified survey addressed the client's query on their product's promotional activity share across indications and specialties.
  2. Sales Force Detailing: Unified tracking also made it possible to determine whether the right indication gets prioritized for each of the HCP targets.
  3. Sales Force Benchmarks: Industry benchmarks with 10M+ data points helped in evaluating reps' effectiveness segmented by relevant comparators for key metrics
  4. Differential Message Analysis: Our framework allowed a differential messaging assessment for varying HCP specialties rather than having to track numerous unnecessary messages.
  5. Qualitative Add-Ons: Tracking open-ended questions helped to provide authentic qualitative add-ons to support the insights obtained from quantitative analysis.


Integrated sales force activity tracking allowed the client to better analyze their market share and get competitor/comparator intelligence insights.

  • Through a comparative analysis of the results obtained from this unified methodology against the overall immunology average derived from ZoomRx's extensive benchmarks database, the effectiveness of sales reps was measured.
  • ZoomRx's industry-leading combinatorial analytics solution was implemented across multiple indications and different specialties to assist the client in understanding the combination of the most effective and recalled messages for the physicians.

Overall, ZoomRx's PET framework helped the client get a grip on the overall promotional share of their flagship product and the impact of their indication-specific messages compared to the overall immunology landscape. With the ability to track personal and non-personal promotional activities, measure salesforce effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement, the client was able to make data-driven decisions.

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