Healthcare providers (HCPs) are crucial decision-makers in prescribing and recommending treatments to patients. As such, their perceptions and opinions of pharmaceutical manufacturers and their products are highly relevant.

ZoomRx's Manufacturer Perception Tracking:

ZoomRx Manufacturer Perception Tracking tracks quarterly the HCP perception across 6 key dimensions for 25+ manufacturers in 5 key therapeutic areas.

This report aims to provide valuable insights for portfolio leaders, investor relations, corporate communications teams, and CXOs. With 30,000 and more ZoomRx physician panel, we aim to provide valuable insights and access to longitudinal data they need to make informed decisions.

The full manufacturer perception report answers:

  • Who is perceived as a leader in their market?
  • Whose portfolio is considered to be the most innovative and effective?
  • Which manufacturers have the highest quality promotions?
  • What can be done to improve leadership perceptions?
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