Global life sciences consulting firm ZoomRx today announced the acquisition of Vivisum Partners, a boutique market research company specializing in customized and comprehensive market research to support pharmaceutical brand launch. The acquisition reinforces ZoomRx’s commitment to providing unparalleled strategic consulting services to life sciences brands at all stages of development and commercialization.

Bolstering Strategic Support for Pre-Launch Brands

Founded in 2011, Vivisum Partners provides custom market research solutions to the world’s leading biopharma organizations, specializing in comprehensive qualitative market research services for pre-launch brands in US and global markets.

Vivisum Partners’ Brand Builder solution is an integrated program, leveraging the proprietary PHYCURE framework, that combines qualitative, quantitative, and strategic planning techniques to support brand development from early clinical phase through launch.

Strategic Synergies and Shared Vision

Karthik Kalyanam, ZoomRx co-founder and co-CEO, said “We are excited to start 2024 strong by finalizing the acquisition of Vivisum Partners and implementing our collective vision of ensuring that the incredible breakthroughs of our life sciences clients truly break through to their core customers. Vivisum’s capabilities are highly complementary to ZoomRx’s historic strengths in post-launch brand tracking and the acquisition represents a significant expansion in ZoomRx’s suite of strategic offerings. We look forward to deeper and stronger partnerships with our life sciences clients, as we continue to enable brands across the commercialization lifecycle to relate to their customers, objectively evaluate brand performance, and clearly communicate the incredible value of their innovative therapies.”

Dan Callahan, Vivisum Partners founder and President, said “We are thrilled to join ZoomRx’s world-class team of consultants and bring our Brand Builder solution to ZoomRx’s client base of more than 100 global life sciences companies. With our combined capabilities and shared vision, we are poised to make a tremendous positive impact on our clients’ ability to develop leading brands and ultimately deliver life-saving therapies to the patients who truly need them.”

About ZoomRx

ZoomRx is a leading life science provider of customer engagement solutions relied on by over 100 global life sciences companies. Our technology and expertise enable our clients to better serve healthcare providers, patients, and other key stakeholders. Through the creative application of proprietary technologies, exclusive HCP and patient panels, and expert consulting team, ZoomRx provides valuable insights and answers that enable its clients to develop and disseminate life-changing and life-saving therapies, optimize the effectiveness of their customer engagement campaigns, and drive robust growth.


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