The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving and it can be challenging for brand teams to stay on top of the latest trends and benchmarks.  With the ZoomRx benchmarks, brand teams can learn what industry standard looks like in their therapeutic areas like Oncology, Neurology, and other therapeutic areas.

We are happy to launch a beta version of the benchmarks dashboard which includes a set of key metrics, such as Rep Performance, Message Metrics, and Interaction Details for the last 6 months. This should enable the pharma brand teams to get a sense of how their promotional efforts compare to others in the industry.

ZoomRx offers custom Omnichannel Promotional Tracking supported by a massive database of 10 million+ data points for brand teams. This level of detail and depth of analysis is unmatched in the industry, providing valuable insights and helping teams to identify areas for improvement.

  • How effective are my messages compared to benchmarks?
  • How is my sales rep's performance compared to industry norms?
  • Is my team spending the right amount of time with HCPs compared to others?
  • Are we using the right visual aids?
  • And many more .. !!

Access ZoomRx’s Sales Rep Promotions Industry Database to benchmark your brand — that will help you maximize your sales rep & message performance leading to brand awareness and increased prescription rates.

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