Three Keys for Sales Rep Conversations to Keep the Launch Momentum Going


Successfully launching a pharmaceutical product is incredibly challenging, time-consuming—and costly. The stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the consequences of failure are significant. From clinical trials to regulatory approvals, manufacturing to marketing, there are hurdles at every turn. Yet, even overcoming those hurdles is not enough; it is critical to maintain momentum post-launch.

Over the past three years, ZoomRx has used its proprietary Launch Tracking Benchmarks to analyze >16500 interactions between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and sales representatives for 38 newly launched brands during the first year of their launch.

We categorized the launches as successful or under-achieving based on the brands’ first-year revenue measured against targets. We then assessed key HCP-sales rep metrics—such as prescribing score and rep call quality ratings—across each group to understand how the metrics impacted the launch.

The output helps us answer three critical questions for brand managers:

  1. What training should sales reps receive?
  2. What should be sales reps’ primary areas of focus?
  3. How should messages be crafted for effective communication?

Comparing the preparation, execution, and promotional content between brands with successful vs. underachieving launches, this whitepaper unlocks key strategies to help your brand teams amplify launch.

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