Shaping a Patient Centric Launch Strategy

Launching pharma brands today is high stakes, often with a great deal of uncertainty on the success of their initial roll-out.

Expectations are high for a seamless experience to ensure uptake by early adopters.

Hearing what’s happening in the exam room changes how launching brands shape their strategies.

Using real world audio examples of target appointments, ZoomRx gets a firsthand look at patient experiences to bring clarity to clinical decision making.

This blog post will investigate how teams can maximize their launch impact by integrating findings from the patient's experience at the point of care.

HCP-Patient Conversation Research

ZoomRx’s HCP-Pt Conversation Research is an innovative way to complete a team’s understanding of real-world post-launch scenarios by gathering audio recordings of key clinical appointments.

It is important to understand how target patients' appointments take place to inform how product messages will be incorporated, and with what lexicon can be expected to be used by patients and their providers.

We’ve worked with top launching brands across various therapeutic areas and have seen what great minds can do. Some strategies that stand out:

  • Inform marketing content using real world audio examples to inspire creative teams and define the language used by target segments.
  • Integrate real-world audio examples into internal training content so delivery teams can hear how doctors contextualize their messages and what motivates them.
  • Use HCP-Pt conversations for real-time listening: keep track of how the tone of conversations changes post-launch as doctors become more familiar and comfortable talking about new products.

Launching brands use this research to hear how target doctors present newly available options and adjust marketing strategies accordingly by reacting to direct examples. With ZoomRx’s in-house panel, we are able to align samples with target lists, for on-target insights from blinded, unbiased research.

Having real quotes, you can hear, and share helps align outreach teams on strategies and goals, and better prepare doctors to respond to pushback by hearing real instances.

Using HCP-Patient Dialogues to Optimize Your Brand Post-Launch

Doctors are excited to share new information about recent product developments, especially when it can help their patients.

As we can see in the first example below, doctors often compare new products against their experience with existing products for some relatable context for their patient.

New products with a clear differentiator, such as a convenience benefit, lend themselves well to having a straightforward reason to switch when presented to the patient.

Post Launch Snippet - 1
HCP: I think it's time for us to talk about the new medication to put you on okay.
Patient: And that is?
HCP: There's a new one that came out called Zeposia and it's a brand new one. The FDA just approved in the last couple of months and it's for this type of multiple sclerosis. The good news is, it's taken by mouth. Okay so it's a pill, and it's from what I've seen it's as effective as the infusion you were getting. Okay so, obviously that makes it much easier.
Patient: Is it available now?
HCP: It is just become available and we have to run it through your insurance but you know given that you have taken 3 to other MS medications it shouldn't be a problem.

Clinical data is often relied on for newer options, and strong familiarity with it can help reassure patients about safety concerns. This next example highlights how beneficial it can be to have a well-informed doctor presenting a clinical trial.

Post Launch Snippet - 2
HCP: The new drug that I would like to start you on is called Enhertu, It's a relatively new drug, FDA approved of course, it's quite effective in patients like, according to the clinical trial of all the patients who were treated the response rate was close to like 62%. So 62% of patients had a very good PET scan when they were treated with this drug, but in the clinical trial those patients were like heavily pre-treated, like they were getting the Enhertu as a fourth line or as a fifth line. Now you are going to get the Enhertu as a second line, so your response rate is expected to be like much higher than 60%. And when they were treated with Enhertu, the Enhertu was able to control their disease for almost two years, so they remained on the treatment on the same treatment for close to two years. And at the end of two years 75% of patients were still alive. So, it is like quite quite effective.

Doctors get excited by novel mechanisms of actions and enjoy talking about them. Patients are more motivated by the corresponding efficacy, safety, or convenience benefit; a new mechanism by itself is usually not a compelling reason for patients to want to switch treatments so it’s important for brands to make sure it clearly translates to a benefit.

Post Launch Snippet - 3
HCP: I'm going to talk to you today about a medication called Sotyktu, it's kind of an interesting name. Have you ever heard about it before?
Patient: No, I've never heard about it.
HCP: So it's called Sotyktu because-- It's relatively new. There's not really commercials that I've seen before. You might have seen commercial for other tablets for Psoriasis like Otezla, okay? This one works a little bit differently from Otezla. It’s something that targets the TYK2 pathway, hence the name Sotyktu, okay?

Providing positive patient experiences requires deep understanding of patient concerns in order to identify the best approaches to address them.

ZoomRx works with the top pharma brand teams to bridge gaps in understanding and help bring exciting products to market.

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