The First TV Media Measurement and Optimization Platform Designed for Life Sciences.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 29, 2023 – Global life sciences consulting firm ZoomRx is set to transform how life sciences brands monitor and evaluate TV ad campaigns with today’s launch of ZoomRx TV Tracking. ZoomRx TV Tracking combines two distinct assets – custom-built panels of verified patients and patent-pending mobile technology – to measure individual-level TV viewing behavior and ad exposure across all TV platforms. Through this distinct hyper-targeted approach, ZoomRx TV gives life sciences marketers a couch-side view of how their patients watch TV to help them prioritize ad placement and measure the in-market impact of their TV campaigns.

Prioritize ad placement based on how real patients watch TV

From linear TV to various on-demand streaming platforms, patients have more options than ever to view their favorite content, making it increasingly difficult to know where your target customers spend their time. Traditionally, marketers have been limited to extrapolating where their patients watch TV from broader population-level or demographic-level trends.

ZoomRx TV cuts through ambiguity by leveraging its indication-specific panels of verified patients and mobile platform to provide a clear picture of patient-level viewing behavior across all linear channels & OTT platforms in real-time. Combined, this allows marketers to make TV media placement decisions based on their target patients' viewing habits to maximize reach.

Measure the in-market impact of your TV campaign

To be effective, a campaign must not only reach target patients but also break through to influence perceptions and behaviors. ZoomRx TV takes a multi-pronged approach to measuring campaign impact, linking verified ad exposure to key outcomes and multi-screen activity.

Unlike solutions that rely on household-level or self-reported ad exposure, ZoomRx TV continuously monitors the content patients watch to capture exposure to all pharma-related ads. By linking patient-level ad exposure with behavioral information, ZoomRx TV measures your campaign’s impact on sales funnel growth and brand perceptions. Furthermore, ZoomRx TV integrates data from its proprietary digital tracking technology to capture patients’ multi-screen activity and show how TV ad exposure leads to online conversion.

Because ZoomRx TV is designed to capture patient exposure to any life sciences ad campaign – not solely those promoting your brand – ZoomRx TV also enables seamless benchmarking of your campaign’s performance against in-market competitors and industry analogs.

Measure, benchmark, & optimize your entire marketing strategy in one place

ZoomRx has over 10 years of experience in helping the most successful life sciences brands measure, benchmark, and optimize their customer engagement strategy. With the launch of ZoomRx TV Tracking, ZoomRx now offers a one-stop shop to holistically evaluate and optimize the impact of field force, digital, and TV campaigns for every customer type. Don’t settle for disparate, disjointed metrics for your brand’s various marketing channels or messaging campaigns. Measure, benchmark, and optimize every facet of your customer engagement strategy in one place with ZoomRx.

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