The what and how behind the successful engagements and their trends over half a decade

Understanding the Ever-Evolving HCP-Sales Rep Engagements​.

As we step into 2024, we look to understand

  1. How HCP-Sales Rep engagements have evolved & where is it headed? ​
  2. What aspects of conversation drive high-impact HCP-Sales Rep engagements? ​
  3. How have these aspects changed over the past 5 years? ​

​We leveraged a part of ZoomRx’s Omnichannel Promotional and Brand Tracking benchmarks focused on HCP-Sales Rep Engagement & conducted 20+ IDIs with Pharma Leaders.  We analyzed:​

ZoomRx Industry Benchmarks​

  • > 4,000,000+ data points on HCP-Sales Rep interactions​
  • >500,000 HCP-Sales Rep interactions​
  • >10000 HCPs responding​
  • >1000 Brand interactions​
  • >150 Pharma Manufacturers​

20+ interviews with the Pharma Marketers & Commercial Team Leaders​

Other third-party reports​

​Dive in to understand the key trends, opportunities, and challenges to optimize your HCP-Sales Rep engagement strategies going into 2024.

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