ZoomRx has always prided itself as a company that provides answers – not just data. And though this vision has primarily manifested itself during our tenure as a life sciences consultancy, we feel that LLMs (and, more broadly, generative AI) are an extension of the types of problems we have already been working on – that is, providing answers to our customers, but in a more instantaneous and accessible manner.

That’s why we developed our own Generative AI technology called Ferma. Designed specifically for the life sciences sector, Ferma has been finely tuned to address healthcare-related problems that general-purpose AI platforms cannot.

Thus, with 2023 in the books, we wanted to take the time to reflect on our year’s long journey and offer a peek into how Ferma is being used by life sciences professionals for their life sciences questions.

Analysis #1: What Types of Questions Are Being Asked of Ferma?

With so much to be said about Generative AI and its potential impact, we were curious to see how customers were using Ferma in their information-seeking behaviors. To do so, we analyzed thousands of prompts submitted to the platform in 2023 and categorized them into specific topics or themes. The results not only reflect key areas of interest amongst life sciences professionals but may also speak to their existing gaps when it comes to accessing information.

Not surprisingly, there was a high prevalence of questions related to Publications & Clinical Trials, indicating an appetite for updates on the latest clinical research. While publication databases such as PubMed, Ovid, and Google Scholar offer access to a wealth of information, trying to ascertain relevant insights from these platforms can be like drinking water from a fire hydrant. Ferma, as Generative AI solution, can provide a more convenient mechanism to review these resources at scale and still quickly discern key insights through summarizations, lists, and comparisons.

In addition, a significant number of Press / News queries may reflect a need to stay on top of current industry news and trends. The life sciences industry is a vast and expansive realm, and it can be difficult to monitor the sheer volume of developing stories. Representing a departure from news outlets spamming your email inbox, Ferma can serve as a personalized virtual assistant capable of story-specific Q&A as and when news breaks happen. Thus, rather than passively monitoring emails for relevant news, users can ask Ferma specific and direct questions on the stories they’re most interested in.

Analysis #2: Who Uses Ferma the Most?

Next up, we wanted to explore the reach of our Generative AI tool, starting with who within the diverse life sciences sector is turning to Ferma for their information needs. To explore this, we delved into our user demographics, examining the distribution of queries across various organization types. This analysis not only shed light on our platform's user base but also provided insights into the reliance on AI across the life sciences landscape.

The predominant use by Biotech firms may highlight a sector driven to stay at the forefront of scientific innovation. In a competitive space where timeliness is the difference between leading and following, Ferma can offer a quick, reliable mechanism to sift through the vast sea of scientific data available on PubMed, ClinicalTrials.gov, DailyMed, and the like.

On the other hand, we were most surprised by the substantial engagement from Equity Research / Venture Capital firms, perhaps indicative of the growing role of Generative AI in financial analysis. As a content aggregator, Ferma can combine and synthesize insights from a number of relevant financial resources, including sales data, earnings calls, patents, and more. We saw that these users commonly relied on Ferma for insights into broader market trends, investment opportunities, and an understanding of the impact of scientific breakthroughs on treatment dynamics.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this unique glimpse into Ferma and its role in providing rapid answers to life sciences inquiries.

As ZoomRx continues to explore and expand Ferma's potential applications, we invite you to join us on this journey. Reach out to info@ferma.ai for a live demo and to discuss how Ferma can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

About Ferma

Ferma is designed to provide rapid and accurate answers to any life sciences question, elevating decision-making processes and enhancing efficiency for organizations across the life sciences industry.

Compared to general-purpose AI platforms, Ferma sets itself apart across four key dimensions:

  1. Accuracy - Ferma does not hallucinate; each and every answer is grounded in real-world data and includes hyperlinked citations.

2. Understanding - Ferma speaks the language of life sciences, with unparalleled understanding of life sciences data and terminology via ZoomRx’s advanced, industry-tested knowledge graph.

3. Sourcing - Ferma provides comprehensive, real-time access to critical life sciences data sources, including over 4M scientific publications, 190k clinical trials, 30k SEC reports, 10k earnings call transcripts, 105k press releases, and much more.

4. Reasoning - Ferma seamlessly breaks down complex questions into their component parts and offers users step-by-step visibility into its reasoning processes.

Together, the result is an indispensable, all-in-one platform that dramatically enhances the efficiency and productivity of its users. For more example Q&A from Ferma, please see the screenshots below. You can also sign up for Ferma here: https://www.ferma.ai/.

Get in touch with us for more information.

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