HCP-Patient Conversations: Real World Examples of RSV Vaccine Discussions During Clinical Appointments

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a pressing concern between HCPs and patients, particularly as winter approaches, intensifying the need for effective prevention and management strategies.

Seasonal flu vaccine discussions have been commonplace, and we're seeing RSV vaccines are being integrated into care plans along with COVID boosters and other newly available vaccines.

ZoomRx’s HCP-Patient Research captures audio from exam-room conversations, hearing how RSV vaccine recommendations play out in real time to better understand the patient experience with their doctors.

Vaccine Discussion 1
HCP: Next month, please, I would like you to take your flu shot too and the RSV vaccine. A lot of people above the age of 60 are developing really bad RSV pneumonia and they're getting lung complications. There's a new RSV vaccine. I don't carry it here because it's new, but you can get it from any pharmacy.
Patient: Okay.
HCP: Okay, perfect.

Vaccine Discussion 2
HCP: You do not need a pneumonia shot. There's a new covid booster now, there is a RSV vaccine for people over 60. Brand new thing, no RSV. It's another virus. It's croup virus in kids. It's an excellent vaccine. I think it may apply to, technically, you're a candidate, but I don't look at you as having either a weak heart, weak lungs, or weak mind. But certainly, if you were frail, I'd say, oh, you better get it frail in a nursing home, that kind of a thing. But it is out. It's called Arexvy. I want you to defer any vaccines, though, for two weeks, because I'm going to put you on just a few days of Prednisone.
Patient: Okay.
HCP: So I just defer them for a couple of weeks. But you do not need pneumonia or shingles. You're a candidate for the new RSV. You can get a covid booster if you feel inclined in your flu shot, but maybe wait a couple of weeks.

The increasing cases of RSV, particularly with the approaching winter season, add urgency to the doctors' recommendations. In the above quotes, we see how doctors plan for their eligible patients to get multiple vaccines.

These conversations highlight the dynamic nature of discussions around new vaccines especially as logistics are established across healthcare settings. Doctors readily share new information with their patients to keep them informed and interested.

ZoomRx HCP-Patient Conversation research enables life science companies to hear what’s actually happening at the point of care with their target patient populations.

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