Key Findings

•Eliquis is currently the top choice for stroke prevention in NVAF, being used in 56% of patients, followed by Xarelto at 26%

• Mirroring usage, 77% of cardiologists perceive Eliquis as performing “extremely well”, while only 47% have equally positive perceptions of Xarelto

• Eliquis’ twice daily dosing is considered its only major drawback, while safety & efficacy-related unmet needs are noted for Xarelto

Future Perspectives: Awareness of FXIa inhibitors on the horizon are modest, with some aware of early clinical setbacks.

• Only 50% of cardiologists are aware of in-development FXIa inhibitors, with asundexian, abelacimab and milvexian being the top 3 recalled pipeline therapies

• 40% of cardiologists are both aware and familiar with asundexian’s latest clinical data, and most of those (6 out of 10) are specifically aware of the halting of OCEANIC-AF due to inferior data vs Eliquis C.

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