Abstracts for the American Society of Hematology’s (ASH) 64th Annual Meeting were released on November 3rd, in anticipation of opening remarks beginning in New Orleans on December 10. As the healthcare world begins to pore over the abstracts for key insights, we at ZoomRx have used Ferma.AI, ZoomRx’s comprehensive medical congress intelligence tool, to consolidate key insights for a few of the most active markets.

Read on for key highlights within the competitive Multiple Myeloma (MM) market at ASH 2022. For more information on how Ferma.AI can enhance your congress competitive intelligence at 50% less cost, be sure to reach out to info@ferma.ai.

Janssen Sets the Stage for Tacvayli Combination Therapies (ABSTRACT)

Janssen’s off-the-shelf BCMA-targeted antibody, Tacvayli (teclistimab), was approved by the FDA for 5th-line relapsed MM treatment only last month, but excitement has been tampered by the medication's potentially harmful side effects and associated REMS program.

This oral session will explore translational data from the Ph1/2 MajesTEC-1 trial, suggesting an emerging profile for Tacvayli non-responders and supporting potential future combination therapies with Darzalex and/or checkpoint inhibitors.

Darzalex Improves Patient-Reported Quality of Life in Maintenance Therapy (ABSTRACT)

Darzalex sales are expected to exceed $8B in 2022, while Janssen continues to explore new avenues for growth. In previous GRIFFIN readouts, Janssen has reported improved response rates and MRD rates when adding Darzalex to RVd therapy following autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) consolidation.

In this session, patient-reported outcome data is used to argue that Darzalex also improves quality of life in newly diagnosed transplant-eligible MM patients, primarily via a notable reduction in pain symptoms.

Source: ASH 2022

Pfizer Shows Why Elranatamab has Received Breakthrough Therapy Designation (ABSTRACT)

Earlier this month, the FDA granted Pfizer’s elranatamab breakthrough therapy designation for relapsed/refractory MM on the basis of six-month follow-up data from the Ph2 MagnetisMM-3 trial.  

At ASH, Pfizer will present an additional three months of follow-up data for elranatamab. At a median follow-up of 6.8 months, Pfizer has reported an overall response rate of 61%, with a medium time to response of 1.2 months and a 90% probability of maintaining response at 6 months. Pfizer also reports a manageable safety profile in highly refractory patients with no prior BCMA-targetd treatments.

Below are a few more of the most popular Multiple Myeloma abstracts for ASH 2022.

  • Janssen: Teclistamab (ABSTRACT) - Lower T-cell numbers; Higher frequency of T cells at baseline expressing markers
  • Janssen: Bortezomib, Daratumumab, Dexamethasone, Lenalidomide (ABSTRACT) - Greater improvements in HRQoL
  • Pfizer: Elranatamab (ABSTRACT) - SC 76 mg QW elranatamab is efficacious
  • Takeda: Ixazomib (ABSTRACT) - mPFS in real-world conditions of 19.1 mo consistent with MM1 (20.6 mo)
  • GSK: Belantamab Mafodotin (ABSTRACT) - BCMA decreased after belamaf treatment, levels returned to BL upon progression. Belamaf does not appear to negatively impact total lymphocyte numbers
  • Sanofi: Isatuximab (ABSTRACT) - Dose of Isa 10 mg/kg QW–Q2W, sCR/CR in 43.5% and ≥VGPR in 73.9% of pts
  • Amgen: Autologous Stem Cell, Carfilzomib (ABSTRACT) - Impact of ASCT on HRQoL during and after the transplant should be considered
  • BMS: Idecabtagene Vicleucel (ABSTRACT) - CR and undetectable MRD at month 12 were required to identify patients with longer PFS
  • Seattle Genetics: SEA-BCMA (ABSTRACT) - Intensive dosing schedule and combination with DEX may increase clinical activity over Q2W monotherapy
  • Merck: Lenalidomide (ABSTRACT) - SPM incidence was higher in patients treated with len.In TNE patients there was also a numerical increase in SPM incidence that did not reach statistical significance.

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