Today’s oncologists are besieged with information. A steady stream of emails, texts, and other electronic notifications compete with an avalanche of scientific papers and journals demanding to be read—all wedged between patient visits. This creates an enormous hurdle for pharma marketers promoting their brand.

An effective marketing message inspires and engages your target healthcare professionals (HCPs), maximizes brand awareness, and increases prescription rates. ZoomRx is here to help exactly with that.

We used ZoomRx's Message Benchmarks with >30,000 interactions between HCPs and sales representatives for 500+ oncology brands to answer critical questions and help brand teams craft impactful message sets. We uncovered key insights on:

  • How long a message should be
  • How data points should be integrated into promotional messages
  • How brand stories combine messages to create a compelling value proposition
  • Which messages can be delivered in combination or sequence

Read this white paper to uncover 3 keys to crafting impactful messages for your oncology brand—messages that will maximize brand awareness and increase prescription rates.

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