Stirring the Hornet’s Nest

Engaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs) through sales representative interactions is like a delicate dance. There are established norms & firm beliefs on how it is being done. Challenging those norms & beliefs is likely to stir up a hornet’s nest.

As we navigated 2023, it becomes evident that this year has been a transformative period, challenging and dispelling preconceived notions surrounding HCP-Sales Rep engagement. In the spirit of adapting to evolving circumstances, we delve into the shifting dynamics and debunk four prevalent myths that have influenced perceptions about HCP-Sales Rep engagement by looking into 40K+ HCP-Sales Rep engagement from ZoomRx Promotional Tracking Industry Benchmarks.

Economist JM Keynes famously said, "When the facts change, I change my mind." Let us explore how the facts of 2023 have reshaped our understanding of HCP-Sales Rep engagement, prompting a re-evaluation of these enduring myths.

Will this change you and your brand’s plan in 2024?

Myth 1: Virtual Interactions is here to stay.

When the pandemic broke in 2020, everything went virtual. A lot was spoken about how it is a uni-directional change and how it would impact. Cut to 2023, contrary to the shift towards virtual strategies, the landscape of HCP-sales rep engagements remains predominantly face-to-face. Even in the aftermath of the pandemic-induced virtual revolution, in-person engagements have resurged to 90%. Pharma's increased spending (approximately 20%) on in-person sales forces challenges the proclaimed reign of virtual approaches.

Myth 2: HCPs are Overwhelmed

Common wisdom says and reiterates that HCPs are overwhelmed by promotional activities. However, post-pandemic, HCPs spend more time – an increase of 50% – engaging with sales reps than before, averaging a surprising 16 minutes per interaction. Such an increase challenges the narrative of restricted access and questions the alleged saturation of promotional efforts.

Myth 3: Novel Information is the cornerstone of engagement.

In the HCP-Sales Rep engagement, the value of novel information is often overrated. Sales reps sharing novel information witnessed a staggering 50% decline over the years. The reality challenges the assumption that HCPs are hungry for groundbreaking insights with every engagement. Instead, HCPs want the sales rep to add value to them and their practice, answer their questions credibly, and be a great listener

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Myth 4: Medium matters the most

The era of flashy iPad presentations & other visual aids seems to be waning, yet impactful interactions persist. The key takeaway: is it's not about the medium but the message. Sales reps, despite dwindling iPad usage, manage to deliver memorable engagements, underscoring the timeless adage – content is king. Focusing on compelling content proves to be the linchpin for successful HCP interactions.

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In unravelling these facts, we encourage a re-evaluation of established norms & beliefs and urge brands to adapt to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of HCP-sales rep engagements.

What are your perspectives on these unconventional notions, and how might they influence the future of HCP-sales rep engagements?

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