An Emerging Biopharma’s David vs. Goliath story in the Post Launch Space


Respiratory diseases are one of the leading causes of death and hospital admissions in the US. This market is very competitive, with multiple products from top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers vying for market share. An emerging biopharma launched their product that promised to improve the patient’s quality of life with ease of dosing. One year after the launch, their sales were not meeting growth expectations. We partnered with them to put them on the growth path.


A custom integrated research program was launched to understand physician prescribing behavior, perceptions, and promotional impact via Patient Chart audits (PCA) alongside a Promotional Effectiveness Tracking (PET)


Outpatients treating pulmonologists perceived access and cost as major barriers to prescribing the client's brand. Even though their drug had formulary coverage under Medicare-Part B, it was not as strongly associated with the client brand as compared to other key competitors.

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ZoomRx recommended the client to increase emphasis on the Medicare messages for the outpatient pulmonologists in their promotions to boost their association. After implementing the recommendations, the client’s brand usage increased by 12%. Access/cost as a prescription barrier has significantly decreased.

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