Zavzpret, a new nasal spray from Pfizer, was approved by the FDA in March 2023 for the acute treatment of migraines. The drug is a calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor antagonist and works by blocking CGRP receptors, inhibiting the biologic activity of the CGRP neuropeptide, which is thought to play a causal role in migraines.

To get a sense of how the medical community perceives this new treatment, ZoomRx conducted a survey among 33 neurologists. Of those surveyed, 23 were aware of Zavzpret, and 13 expressed a high likelihood to use the product. The survey also included open-ended questions to gather more detailed responses.

One common sentiment among respondents was that Zavzpret offers a faster onset of action compared to other treatments. One neurologist remarked,

"Seems like a fasting-acting therapy that can provide rapid relief."

Others, however, were more cautious and wanted to see real-world efficacy before fully endorsing the product. Another neurologist said,

"Novel idea, I would like to see the real-world efficacy."

Overall, the survey responses suggest that Zavzpret may offer an important alternative for patients who need a quick onset of action or those who cannot take oral treatments due to nausea and vomiting at the time of migraine onset. As one neurologist noted,

"First anti-CGRP nasally delivered migraine acute treatment useful for patients who have early nausea/emesis so oral anti-CGRP tablets are less desirable."

There were also concerns expressed about the use of an intranasal delivery system for migraines. One neurologist said,

"Patients simply do not like inhaled or intranasal preparations in my experience for migraine."

Another expressed concern about the cost, saying,

"I'm afraid that it's going to be pricey."

Despite these concerns, the majority of neurologists surveyed expressed interest in trying Zavzpret, particularly given the drug's unique delivery system and faster onset of action. Some HCPs expressed lack of knowledge at this point.

"I like the MoA. The delivery is good. Not sure how different it is from other CGRP. The company is not educating well."

Overall, the survey suggests that Zavzpret has generated significant interest among neurologists, who are eager to see how it performs in real-world settings. With its fast-acting formulation and unique delivery system, Zavzpret may provide an important new option for patients suffering from migraines.

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