The digital landscape is incredibly diverse and saturated. In order to effectively reach your target customers and have a meaningful impact, you need to understand your customer preferences. Our omnichannel intelligence tool, Digital Tracker (PERxCEPT), shows that the typical oncologist encounters 500+ digital banner ads per month on their personal desktop device. However, less than half of these ads are healthcare-related, and an even smaller percentage (~13%) are oncology-relevant.

In order to effectively reach your target audience, you need to understand your customer preferences. We used ZoomRx’s power of panel + platform to help answer two crucial questions to understand customer preferences in digital promotions:

  1. Where to reach in the digital world?
  2. How best to convey the message?

Where do physicians spend their time online?

ZoomRx’s new innovative extension tool ‘Digital Tracker (PERxCEPT)’ tracks HCP’s real-time browsing behavior and how they consume healthcare-related information online. With this tool we are able to track the amount of time spent on each visited website along with the full HTML content of the visited webpage.

Among our panel of 120+ oncologists who use both desktop and mobile devices we see:

  1. NCCN, NIH, and Uptodate are the top websites where HCPs spend the majority of their time
  2. They amount to 45% of the HCPs healthcare-related time spent online

How best to convey your messages?

In our research, we see that higher physician impressions lead to a higher brand association, but impressions do not have any impact on its perceived effectiveness. A message needs to be relevant & easy to read at the time of consumption.

We see that most effective ads have differentiating and recognizable product information HCPs can easily understand. Designs with large fonts and catchy colors increase the chance of grabbing attention.

“It is clear and to the point.  I like that it looks like a prescription pill box and has the name of the trial, which is easily recognizable.” - An oncologist about LUMAKRAS ads

Ads with just a “link to the product website” and little to no actual product information are frowned upon by HCPs. They described such ads as “not intriguing enough” and “generic”.

By pairing our findings from the omnichannel tool with our digital ad effectiveness tracking surveys, you can get an in-depth view into:

  1. Reach and share of attention of your Ads compared to competitors on specific websites along with actual images of these specific Ad contents
  2. HCP’s association of the Ad image with your brand, their reaction and feedback to the content, and the impact of these Ads on their actual perception and prescription behavior

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