• This conversation between an HIV patient and doctor revealed that patients are proactive about their care, seeking informed discussions and trusting their physician's recommendations.
  • While the patient was intrigued by TV ads for Cabenuva, the physician recommended Biktarvy, an oral medication that can be started immediately.
  • Patient convenience is key in HIV treatment planning, and Biktarvy was compared to a multivitamin in terms of ease and tolerability.
In this first example, a patient asks their doctors about an injectable HIV treatment option they saw on TV.

Patient  I have heard that there is an injectable I can take, I am trying to remember, if I saw it on TV or where the advertisement was for but I was just wondering I mean is that I guess I don't even know what the regimen it is but is that something that may be a good idea for me or..?
HCP   Yeah there is a new injectable medication, I have seen in advertisements on TV, it is called Cabenuva and it is currently a monthly injectable medication
Here, the doctor recommends starting an oral immediately due to being able to start sooner.

HCP   I would rather put you on a regimen now just a pill a day regimen and then if you really are interested in doing the injectable medication going on from there, I can always switch you to that medication but I think for the time being it's just best if we could just start on a daily tablet and I have samples of these and I think I am going to recommend for you starting Biktarvy and Biktarvy is just once a day pill single-tablet regimen you would just take one pill at night when you perhaps you know go to bed.
Patient   Like a multivitamin.
HCP   Yeah exactly and it is easy to take and most people tolerate it very very well

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