Over the past couple of years, life sciences organizations were forced to rapidly adopt new forms of omnichannel engagement to reach their customers. Finding success with these omnichannel customer engagement models in the current environment can sometimes feel like building a plane while flying it. While each organization will have a unique journey, the quickest path to success starts with identifying the common roadblocks facing teams across the industry.

With this in mind, ZoomRx’s Customer Engagement Center of Excellence is bringing together senior leaders across the industry to have a series of discussions about the current state of omnichannel marketing and how best to deliver successful customer experiences.

In the first of these conversations, industry experts identify some of the key challenges facing life sciences organizations as they are transitioning to omnichannel models of engagement.

Having worked with a handful of organizations, there is currently no centralized source of information for omnichannel insights. While market research teams are often charged with evaluating field force effectiveness, they are rarely tasked with gathering intelligence on non-personal promotion”, says a senior leader at ZoomRx.

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