ZoomRx's research using Digital Tracker (PERxCEPT), our next-gen omnichannel intelligence platform, has illuminated the fierce battle pharma brands wage for HCP attention in the digital world. However, attention is only half the battle. Brands must also create compelling digital content that moves the needle in customer awareness, perceptions, and ultimately behavior.

Here, we combine Digital Tracker (PERxCEPT)'s digital tracking technology with our agile market research techniques to reveal the true impact of the most widespread digital campaigns on HCP perceptions and real-world behavior.

In this study of top 5 digitally active oncology brands, we set out to understand:

  • How well is ad content associated?
  • What makes a campaign effective/ineffective?
  • What is the real-world impact?

Uncover HCP perceptions and customer impact driven by the most-viewed digital campaigns in the oncology market. Leave your info below to continue reading.

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